23 April 2021 GMT 2:42 AM

How Can I Help the Arts Council of Cebu?

We are now looking forward to another active season with an interesting calendar of cultural performances that will continue to promote the enjoyment of, participation in and accessibility to the arts by the people of the community of Cebu. We cannot, however, nurture these plans, stimulating as they may be, alone.

An active and vibrant membership is the backbone and lifeblood of any arts organization and we are grateful for your presence at many of our events. Your involvement with the Arts Council of Cebu has enabled cultural activities to move from the periphery of our daily lives to a point well within the circle of �must haves�.

We need the continued, renewed, revitalized support of each and every member of the Arts Council. Your support, in any way or form, and for some, this may mean:

  • your supportive presence at cultural events,
  • for others, support may be translated into active service as prospective members of the Board of Trustees,
  • or for many others participation may mean actual work with committees that oversee and manage Arts Council activities

will enable us to become more responsive to the cultural needs of a broader membership base.

From our end, we will strive to keep you informed of upcoming events on a regular basis.May we count on you, dear member, to share some of your time, your talents and your resources with your Arts Council of Cebu by volunteering assistance as a member of any of the following committees? (Yes, it is work but a lot of fun)

  • Sponsorship Committee - is responsible for corporate solicitation, and the all-important activities inherent in fund-raising
  • Membership Committee - oversees projects and plans to ensure membership growth, retention and participation
  • Programs and Events - the artistic arm that plans, evaluates, and programs the calendar of cultural events to guarantee that standards of artistic excellence are maintained
  • Marketing Committee - ensures that, to a large extent, our cultural events generate some income or are at least self-sustaining, via effective ticket sales strategies, creative marketing schemes and proper mobilization of resources
  • Publicity - the �promotions� arm that makes sure that the community is aware of and interested in the events and activities of the council so that our effective �reach� into a potential audience progressively increases
  • Physical Arrangement - is responsible for �front-of-house� preparations like seating arrangements, stage set-up and decor, usherettes and other venue preparations
  • Continuing Education - plans, coordinates and conducts seminars, workshops, and the like to develop or enhance skills of members of the council in arts appreciation, arts management, etc.
  • Scholarship Committee - conducts the search for the Arts Council�s scholar

For those who are not members of the Arts Council of Cebu, assistance may be offered in other ways. Throughout the ages, the arts have never stood alone. They have always required patronage from enlightened individuals who have seen the need to support the creation of art that would live beyond their lifetimes. As is the case with many non-profit arts organizations the finite number of theater seats imposed on us presents a dilemma where ticket sales present a fixed potential for funds, and even these do not completely cover the costs of underwriting the Arts Council�s numerous programs and performances. Earned income, from ticket sales, accounts for less than half of the total needed to sustain our cultural organization. If ticket prices were raised to the level needed to cover all of the expenses, only the very wealthy could afford to go.

Arts organizations now face a situation where it is only in the area of government and private contributions where the opportunities for growth are unlimited. Contributions play a critical role for cultural organizations to be able to provide quality programs. The scope of what the Arts Council of Cebu can achieve is truly in the hands of those who assist and donate. The financial assistance from individuals and corporations who share our commitment to promote the arts, to support the artists and to build new audiences will provide the growing, stimulated and energized audience for the arts in Cebu the opportunity to enjoy a broad spectrum of programs, ranging from classical fare to other innovative and stimulating art forms.