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In 1960, Fe Sala Villarica gathered a group of seven Cebuano artists, one for each of the seven arts, to arouse the art consciousness of Cebuanos. Forming this nucleus group were Ms. Villarica herself for dance, Pilar Sala for music, Carmelo Tamayo for painting, Gloria Esca´┐Żo for drama, Molly Briones for literature, Fidel Araneta for sculpture, and Jose Mercado for architecture. This group was then known as the Arts of Cebu.

The Council organized the pioneering Festival of the Arts in Cebu City, and steadily built its reputation as the premier arts advocate organization south of Manila by sponsoring the performances of national and world-renowned artists. The year 1975 saw the affirmation of the Arts Council's cultural leadership when it was cited by the Philippines Foundation, Inc. as a Valuable Institution for developing programs and scholarships in arts, culture and theatre.

In August 2, 1990, the Arts Council was formally launched as the Arts Council of Cebu Foundation, Inc. at Casa Gorordo. In 1993, in line with its aspiration to attract truly high-caliber performers, the Council acquired a Yamaha concert grand, which it presented at a one-night gala fund raiser.

Also in 1993, the Council embarked on an ambitious scholarship program wherein a trust fund was established to support the training of music and fine arts students. Moreover, aside from promoting the seven arts, the Council also aims to generate awareness and concern for the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Motivated by the belief that access to cultural, artistic, and educational opportunities is a necessary element for a healthy and robust civic life, the Arts Council of Cebu continues to dedicate itself to the promotion and development of artistic and cultural endeavors in the Cebuano community by providing access to performances and exhibitions by local, national, and international artists with a reputation for excellence. It is involved in audience development and education in an integrated " Arts for the Youth" program that involves the participation of young students in artistic cultural lectures, seminars and workshops.